The 45 Best Processional Songs

The Best Processional Songs for Your Wedding

Weddings are in many ways, traditional affairs. It’s tradition that the bride wear white. It’s tradition that the father walk the bride down the aisle. It’s tradition that the ceremony never starts on time. Ok, that last one isn’t a tradition. But it might as well be. Every wedding starts late.

Every. Wedding.

Still, the point stands. Wedding ceremonies are all very similar. But they aren’t all exactly the same. There are small ways a couple can make their wedding unique, while still having a traditional feel. And music is the easiest way to differentiate your wedding from every other wedding you’ve been to.

Want your wedding to be less stuffy and more fun? Pick an upbeat song. Want to lean into the traditional elements of your wedding? Pick a classic. Want to blend both worlds? There are numerous groups that cover modern songs with classical instruments. Check out anything by The Piano Guys and you’ll understand.

Here is a list of the absolute best processional songs for your wedding. Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong answers here. In an ideal world, you find a song that has special meaning to you and fits with the mood you are going for. Hopefully this list will have that song for you, or will inspire you to find that perfect song. And if you just want to pick a song and be done with it, you can pick anything on here at random and your guests will be none the wiser.

Modern Processional Songs

Modern Processional Songs with a Classical Twist

Country-Themed Processional Songs

Classical Processional Songs

Old School Classic Processional Songs

Now that you’ve sifted through the best of the best, which ones do you like? Give us a call or drop us a line here to talk about it!

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